Vulkarion de Vuurreus (Vulkarion the Fire jotunn)

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Vulkarion the Fire Jotunn
It is known that Fire Jotunns are born from the core of a dying volcano, but not Vulkarion.
During a catastrophic battle between the Fire God Omuba and the Water God Holmuran, the index finger of Omuba’s was cut.
The incandescent finger of the Fire God fell in the plains of Kamantra, planting itself in the depths of the earth and digging what is now known as the legendary Hell Maw, one of the great entrances into the kingdoms of the Depths.
The Finger of Omuba has been found and kept as a sacred relic from the Dumlok and continued to burn for 5 centuries. When the flame of the God was extinguished, Vulkarion, Son of Omuba, was born; king by birthright over all the Fire Jotunns.
The Dumlok swore eternal allegiance to Vulkarion, a gift of their God to impose their supremacy over all races of the Depths, and with him they conquered countless territories; until the Tyrant-God Tialevor convinced the Son of Omuba to help him to conquest the continent of Rotvar, in the surface.
In exchange for his help Vulkarion would become the overlord of the depths, one step above the hated Slathaai, who were now their allies.
Becoming one of Herald of the Tyrant, Vulkarion next task is to destroy the reborn Sacred Tree Yaldain, located in the Rotvarian forest of Deepsroots and protected by the furious Arverians. Being the Tree a simulacrum of the Goddess Arba itself, one of the three deities killed during the ascent of the Tyrant-God, Its divine core can infuse terrible power into Tialevor’s thirsty hands.


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