Toryden de Aartsdruïde en vrienden (Toryden the Archdruid & Arboriin & Faenarion)

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Toryden the Archdruid – Arverian Woodkeepers Hero

Master Druid and guardian of Yaldain, supreme protector of the Deeproots forest. After years of studying as a druid and fortifying the bond with the sacred tree, he was chosen by the ancient royal family as guardian of the tree itself. Since then, he has been relentlessly protecting the forest overcoming his foes thanks to his summoned Arboriins.

Toryden on Faenarion the Luxuriant

The ancient Faenarion has always stood by the side of Yaldain’s guardians over the centuries. No one knows his story, when the Arverians fled Aera, Faenarion appeared before them, and it was he who led them to Rotvarian forest of Deeproots. Since then, he has served all the guardians of the sacred tree that have succeeded one another over the centuries.






Artisan Guild


Dryad, Elf, Familair, Hybride (f.e. centaur), Mammal, Plant, Ride


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