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Pekel Draak (young, adult, elder, mounted Brine Dragon) (Poses)

75,00115,00 incl. BTW

“Fishermen from the coastal capital of Inlaku’Ulgul have heard of the tales and legends of the creatures of the Blue Expanse for generations, but the last never suspected that a legion on the trail of the Blue Reflection Stone; in its mad quest awakens the greatest collectors of artefacts… the Indigo dragons. Between a mad king in search of knowledge about life, death and what’s in between; the envoys of the celestial kingdom, the guardians of the cloudy egg, drakes and other legends lurking in the depths of the sea; you will have to find this egg before an ocean-colored dragon comes out of the entrails of its underwater cave and lays its claw on the artefact to extends its territory, that the rays of the sun never reach; to the kingdoms of men. Do it! Before there’s no more future generation to tell about these plagues.”


Lord of the Print


Dragon, Ride


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