Zwarte draak (Black dragon #1)

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A variation on a Black Dragon in a subtle aggressive pose.

Black dragons appeared abnormally slender in comparison to other chromatic dragons—wiry, but not gaunt. Physically, they were most distinguished by their horns, which protruded from the sides of their heads and wrapped around, projecting forward. A large frill adorned the upper part of the neck. They smelled like rotting vegetation and foul water. A black dragon grew up to a maximum size of 16′ (4.9 m) tall, 85′ (25.9 m) long, with a wingspan of 80′ (24.4 m). They weighed up to 160,000 lbs (72.6 mt).

Solitary and extremely territorial in their nature, black dragons would seldom form clans, opting to do so only when they lived in the most hazardous of environments or when faced with a danger that could wipe out large swaths of their population.


Primen doen we gratis als service van de zaak. Je hebt de keuze uit grijs, zwart, wit en rood. Voor metallic kleuren (goud of zilver) rekenen we €1,00 extra.

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Mini Monster Mayhem


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